Thursday, July 28, 2005


How it all started - Comic Con, the SD Reader, an Eisner-winning comic, and Liz.


This first post will explain my introduction to blogging, and the people and events that led up to this. I met some cool people at the 2005 Comic-Con in San Diego - and through them (and the web site ) have discovered Blogging.

Why the name? I was browsing the San Diego Reader - the weekly arts/entertainment/happenings newsprint book - and was grabbed by the cover one week. It was a 60 panel-or-so preview of a new comic called Mom's Cancer. This story describes the trials that a family of four went through when their matriarch developed cancer after a long history of smoking. It was not pretty, as anyone who has delt with cancer knows. I'll leave the description of the events to the author and artist, Brian.

In the Reader, they mentioned that Brian was up for an Eisner for his work (Best Digital Comic) . This in part motivated me, during my visit to Comic-Con, to attend the Eisner Awards. The Eisners are named after the most prolific of them all, Will Eisner. These awards celebrate the best in comics for the past year - not unlike the Oscars and Emmys.

While sitting in the audience, I overheard that one of Brian's siters, Liz, was not up in the VIP section, rather was sitting in the regular section one row up from me. I waited around after the show to chit chat with artists and other free thinkers, perhaps meeting some new people. I saw Liz and some of her friends (Charles, Sarah, and Otis), chatting afterwards, and I wanted to extend my well wishes for her mom, and say I was moved by the comic. Brian, who had won the Eisner, approached as well, and I was able to offer my congratulations and well wishes to him too. Soon we were all chatting, and wandered off to Dick's Last Resort for a bite to eat. I said my goodbyes, as I was trying to catch the trolley (it was about 12:30 am on Saturday).

At Liz's suggestion, I checked out her blog - as I continue to do. I feel it helps keep me grounded, and grateful for what I have going right in my life. Needless to say, I'm glad I stayed late and saw the awards show.


P.S. Post-facto on the trolley. For those who ride frequently, they already know that the trolley doesn't run much past 12:30. I wound up taking a Taxi home - no big deal, but gosh - I was in a hurry to leave a fun group on a great evening for nothing. As a fan of the comic, I should have known better.

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